Dallas College -Richland Campus, Faculty Show 2020

Marian Ichaso de Lefeld Untitled (from the Gran Caracas Series) 2020 Tempera and oil on canvas 68 x 72 inches



Arienne Lepretre Spring 2020 Graphite on paper, 38 x 50 inches, Drawing `1316,1317,2300



Joel Murray Affordable Pets in the Night (Thermal Fur Baby 1), 2020 22 x 16 inches



Joel Murray Oil on panel Before and After Millet, 2020 14 x 12 inches



Murmuration in White Jennifer Rose, Morean Center for Clay in St Petersburg, FL Media: Porcelain and Stainless Steel 2019



Jennifer Rose, Flight of the Polychromatic Zooids Media: Colored Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Original music composition by David Thompson video of artwork and music: https://youtu.be/BtkPGLPQphw 2019-2020 “My 15-year exploration of biology began with an interest in the human form and has evolved into studies of invasive environments and underwater creatures. The ocean is fascinating because it is still vastly unexplored. I associate underwater worlds with the subconscious. The zooids are organisms ripe with metaphor because of their colonial animal status. The fact that they are individual clones operating as one animal make them one and many at the same time and prompt philosophical questions about the collective subconscious, hive mind, and cognitive dissonance


Brenda McKinney, Deep Below 20 x 18 inches Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper 2020


Vicki Mayhan Bird Map 4 x 6 inches


Vicki Mayhan Bird Map 4 x 6 inches


Jim Stover, Kiss, Wood, 18 x 18 inches.



Charles Coldewey, Simplify, Paper Clay, 12 x 12 inches


Charles Coldewey, Urban Street, Paper Clay, 12 x 12 inches


Melba Northum, Metaphysical Image Sequence 23, Blessing


Melba Northum, Metaphysical Image, Sequence 27, Rabbits