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SQUARES and STRIPES by Lane Banks




 Artist Statement 2019

This show comprises works from two series that developed more or less simultaneously.  One group is Concentric Squares, which has been ongoing for several years, and paintings from this set have been shown numerous times in various venues recently.  The other group, Horizontal Stripes, is smaller, with just six altogether.  They have not previously been shown.  Both groups use only a range of grays and metallic hues, what I have been calling an industrial palette, to distinguish the colors from spectrum or natural hues.  They all are hard edged using straight lines and multiple layers of paint to give the surface an opaque effect that keeps the eye of the viewer on the surface instead of penetrating into an illusionist depth.

The squares are classical in their symmetry, and are made up of a series of mathematical relationships and proportions that are determined before the painting is begun.  The paintings are conceived as a series of concentric forces compressing toward the center, or conversely, radiating outward from it.

The stripes use a vertical rectangular format that consists of stripes or bands of color of differing widths.  The canvas is divided down the center vertically from top to bottom, which contrasts with the horizontal bands in order to reconcile the opposing forces of the two directions.  The central divide is conceived as an upward or downward shift in the horizontal movement of the bands, so that the band is broken and disrupted at the midpoint, continuing as a different color and width on the other side of the divide.

These works are abstract rather than abstractions, the difference being that an abstraction is rooted in perception, what the eye can see, and the resulting work is a distillation, reduction or essence of what was observed, regardless of how far removed from its source the work appears to be.  An abstraction is therefore dependent upon a subject outside itself for its existence.  My abstract works are entirely conceptual, in that they are invented with no reference to anything outside themselves.  They are a physical, visual embodiment of an idea that consists of proportions and colors of areas relative to each other and to the framing edge of the painting.












                    Artist Statement


2018 – 2019 Feedback Loops references the painted figures’ suspended actions, my own

relationship with my subjects, the viewer’s interpretation of those actions, and the

painting’s own homeostatic state of color and form. I see painting as a way to

contemplate the nonverbal space between people. The paint makes it tactile. The

inevitable incongruity, asymmetry, and fluidity of that space is translated by

amalgamations of color, line, and figure forms. When lucky, the painting itself becomes a

gesture. In my process, I re-perform experiences that have been shared with me

digitally, witnessed in person, or embodied. Much like communication itself, the visual

content and actions in paint compress multiple perspectives, time, actions, and

memories—creating a visual placeholder for the in-between. As a twin, and now a wife,

mirroring and asymmetrical duality has become common themes in my work. I was born

in New Orleans in 1990. Drawing and painting constantly, I navigated my way towards a

life of art making. I received my BFA from LSU in painting and drawing and then my MFA

as a fellow at SMU. My work is exhibited in museums, galleries, and art fairs throughout

the country. I live and work in Dallas as an artist and art educator at Richland College,

other local institutions, and privately.

Brazos Gallery Presents LUX by Andrew Kochie

Andrew Kochie pushes the boundaries of refraction and light on hand etched aluminum panels balanced with works that play with shadow.

LUX will also include QR Code technology that will reveal stories and thoughts behind the pieces.

Andrew Kochie is a Dallas based visual artist and cultural advocate. His body of work is a synthetic blend between abstract and trompe l’oeil illusion ranging between abstract minimalism to hard edge geometric abstraction and a pioneer in Metallic Trompe l’oeil.

June 17 – July 19, 2019

Artist Talk June 19, 11- 12 / Reception June 21, 7 – 9P

Brazos Gallery, Crockett Hall C140, DCCCD


In A Pinch: DCCCD Ceramic Faculty

Brazos Gallery is proud to be a vanguard in the exhibition, IN A PINCH, by DCCCD Ceramic Faculty, hosted by Richland College. This unique gathering of new and unusual experimental ideas in ceramics, is a show of diversity, with each artist expressing their imaginations within ceramics through a verity of styles and skill.

In A Pinch: by DCCCD Ceramic Faculty.

Opens on Monday February 18 through Friday March 8, 2019

Artist Reception: February 26, from 2:00 – 3:00, Crockett Hall, C140

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 – 4:00

I AM WOMAN, Missy Burton

Brazos Gallery and Richland College is proud to present I AM WOMAN, by Missy Burton. 

A unique show of photographs based on Missy’s life experiences.

Opens on Monday January 14, thru Friday February 8, 2019

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 – 4:00


“I Am Woman” by Missy Burton has been an evolution for Missy as an artist. Her initial inspiration started with the single thought centered on the advancement of women and how far women have come in gaining equality through time. As she continued to explore this concept through her viewfinder, a very different story started to emerge, a story so beautiful Missy felt compelled to tell through her imagery.