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Thor Johnson: Thorrific!

SummerFlowerMandalas4Thor Johnson: Thorrific
Oct 21 – Nov 25, 2009
Opening Reception: 12-1 pm, Oct 21, 2009
Thor will give a performance at the opening reception.
Lago Vista Gallery (Library)

Richland College Galleries presents “Thor Johnson: Thorrific!” Johnson’s latest works showcase disparate styles that speak of a personal investigation and propose dualism within an artist’s work. The artists work points towards our modern connectivity as altering the individual and cultural world view. The individual experience is now myriad with inundation from multiple sources and Johnson, rather than shying away from this expansion, embraces it. The work covers topics of spiritual symbology, excess and greed in the 80’s, popular culture satire, and interactive abstract videos developed from a layering of computer based processes. His exhibit creates an authentic, complex personality filled with energy, obsession, flaws, and perseverance. The process stands as a counterpoint to the focused investigations of most contemporary artists.

Ryder Jon Piotrs: Mercurial Imagination

Ryder Richards "Impossibility of Defeat/ Reversal of Fortune: A ram vs. Abrams

Ryder Richards, "Impossibility of Defeat/ Reversal of Fortune: A ram vs. Abrams" 2009

Oct 23- Nov 13, 2009

“Mercurial Imagination”

Hardin Simmons University,
Abilene, Texas

Closing Reception with Artist Talk: Friday, Nov 13, 5pm

HSU’s Ira M. Taylor Memorial Art Gallery presents “Mercurial Imagination,” featuring the work of Ryder Jon Piotrs members Piotr Chizinski, Ryder Richards, Sue Anne Rische and Jonathan Whitfill. The work ranges from altered books and shredded text to gunpowder drawings and cast bomb forms. The work questions social class systems, the intangible form of knowledge, and violence in a modern world. The exhibition will take place from Oct 26-Nov 13, 2009. The gallery will host a closing reception featuring an artist talk and question/answer session on November 13, 5:00-6:30.

Piotr Chizinski, "Brought to you by Nokia" cast plaster, 2008

Piotr Chizinski, "Brought to you by Nokia" cast plaster, 2008

Ryder Jon Piotrs (RJP) is comprised of artists who have created an alternative method of engagement with the development of a Nomadic Truck Gallery. The gallery is a converted 24’ Ryder truck complete with white sheetrock panels and track lighting. Since it’s debut over 2 years ago the mobile gallery has prompted several group exhibitions for the RJP members. Most recently the group has shown in Dallas, Abilene, and Marfa. They have also hosted a national juried ceramics exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information please call HSU at (325) 670-1000 or visit the website ::

Sara Cordona in “Stitch To Each Other”

cardonaStitch To Each Other
Exhibition: Oct 16 – Nov 16, 2009
Opening Reception Oct 16, 6-9:30pm
Decorazon Gallery, Dallas, Texas

A group show featuring three female artists; works in mixed media and recycled materials.
Aliza Lelah
Sara Cardona
Erin Stellmon

Eddy Rawlinson: Hell Bound Road
Richland College’s Brazos Gallery
Oct 15- Nov 20, 2009
Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday, Oct 15th 12-1PM

“In my own Country I am in a Far-Off Land…”
Francois Villon, 1431 – 1463

Rawlinson's "The Devil's Arcade"

Rawlinson's "The Devil's Arcade"

In his new exhibition of mixed media paintings and prints at Richland College, Hell Bound Road, Eddy Rawlinson continues to explore the various layers of political/pop-culture images of the hero/anti hero in the mainstream and alternative media with its connection to cultural behavior and language.

Rawlinson asks, “Where does one find the evil doers, in a far-off desert land or jungle afar? Or could they be among the standard bearers of justice and freedom for all, as long as you look like they do, have the same economic status, and think like they think? Who then is the hero to fight the good fight for the good of all and vanquish this evil from our presence. It is not so clear anymore and becomes more difficult with each passing day, but we must not despair or never give up hope.”

"Hell Bent" Linocut on Ethreal Rice Paper 2009

"Hell Bent" Linocut on Ethreal Rice Paper 2009

Rawlinson exhibits extensively within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, recently showing at the Mighty Fine Arts Gallery in Dallas, Texas Christian University, and Artspace 111 in Fort Worth. He also exhibits with the art group The Cirkit of Mythos, a collaborative engagement with local artists Omar Hernandez, Jason Reynaga and Greg Mansur. Rawlinson is currently the Gallery Director and an Instructor at Dallas County Community College, El Centro Campus in Dallas, Texas.

Please join us for the opening reception and gallery talk on Thursday, Oct 15th, 2009 from 12-1 PM. The Brazos Gallery is located on Richland College Campus in the Crockett Building, Room C-140.


Nature ReMix_Richland Juried Student Art Exhibition


Richland Student Exhibition “Nature ReMix”

Richland College Student Art Exhibition
Lago Vista Gallery and other locations on campus.
Jan 28th-Feb 28th, 2010.

Opening reception: Thursday, Jan 28, 12-1 p.m.


Nature: ReMix is an opportunity to submit your interpretations of nature using any art form you choose. Award selections will be based on art emphasizing innovative views of nature, recycled material, and the importance of water to our society.

THEME: Twenty-first century views of nature in art have changed. The ability to define “natural” is influenced by the dramatic developments of DNA altered plants, test tube babies, cloned sheep, global warming, virtual reality and body alterations…  Today we realize the fragility of nature as the population of mankind continues to grow. Will nature provide the tools and knowledge to survive into the next century? Can science save us from ourselves? Contemporary art reflects the times. What do you have to say?

Selection: A faculty committee will select art for the exhibit.

Awards: $350.00 in cash awards

Juror for Awards: Ryder Richards,
Richland College Gallery Coordinator.

ELGIBILITY: Richland Students and local AP Arts Students. Richland Students must be currently enrolled in credit or continuing education classes during the 2009 –2010 academic year.

INSTRUCTIONS: All works due in the Soft Earth Gallery by 4:00 PM on Jan 21, 2010 with completed entry form attached.
Works not properly prepared for hanging or presentation will not be accepted. We require all 2-D works be framed with a wire on the back.  3D works must be pedestal ready or otherwise be approved by the faculty committee  Digital works must have the proper equipment to be presented, however some works will be shown online and projected during the opening. Complex installations will not be considered.
Insurance: DCCCD does not provide for insurance of any student work. Entering the juried exhibition constitutes acceptance of this policy.


Jan 21st, 2010    DEADLINE: artworks must be in the Soft Earth
Gallery (F-270) with completed entry form by 4:00 pm.
Jan 25th              Notice of accepted artworks will be posted on the
Soft Earth Gallery door.
Jan 25th              All works not accepted must be picked up by 5:00 pm.
Richland College is not responsible for any artworks not picked up after this time.
Jan 28th              12-1 pm. Opening Reception and Awards presented in the Lago Vista Gallery (Richland Library).
Feb 28th              Exhibition closes; all works must be collected.

For more information: or 972.238.6339 or

Krystal Read: Recovering the Past

Krystal Read: Recovering the Past

Twins Naval WatchRichland College’s Lago Vista Gallery
March 11 – March 29, 2010
Reception: Friday, March 26, 4-7 p.m. in the Lago Vista Gallery
Artist Talk: Thursday, March 25, 12-1 p.m. in the Lago Vista Gallery

Recovering the Past, an University of Texas at Dallas MFA thesis exhibition by Krystal Read explores the elusive and imaginative nature of memory.  Inspired by the discarded treasures that clutter our attics and fill antique stores, Krystal Read investigates and imbues these objects with her own fantasies. Who are the people in this photograph? How does this teacup relate to the miscellaneous knick-knacks surrounding it? With these questions in mind, Krystal attempts to recover and narrate history with prints, sculpture, and installation.

Krystal Read’s work has been shown in Dallas, Nova Scotia, and Taiwan. She received her BA at Smith College and MA from the University of Dallas. Read currently teaches art at Studio Arts in Dallas and Collin County Community College.

Please join us for the reception and the artist talk. Krystal Read will give an artist talk in the Lago Vista Gallery on Thursday, March 25 from 12-1 p.m. Richland College will host a reception for Recovering the Past on March 26 from 4-7 p.m. All events are FREE and open to the public.

kread- e invite1

“Inhabited” by Piotr Chizinski

Piotr Chizinski
March 4- March 27, 2010
Artist Talk and Reception: Thursday, March 4, 4-7 p.m.
Lecture open to public: Thurs, March 4 from 12-1 p.m.

KERA radio interview with the artist.

Piotr Chizinski: Inhabited

Livingroom Scale Project_ Philanthropist, 30x40 lightjet print, 2009

Livingroom Scale Project_ Philanthropist, 30x40 lightjet print, 2009

Richland College is proud to present Piotr Chizinski: New Work. Chizinski’s art develops through a careful questioning of assumptions surrounding the issue of class. Chizinksi’s photographic work utilizes pseudo-science to document class levels by quantifying the trappings of a living room into a score denoting low, proletariat, middle or high class. The work, while taking into account issues of heredity and culture, questions the stratification in society and the individual within a system that proposes unlimited upward mobility.

Family Tree project: each trailer denotes an individual, traits and lineage.

Family Tree project: each trailer denotes an individual, traits and lineage.

Born in 1981 in Connecticut, Piotr Chizinksi has traveled the world through doors opened by his art. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas Chizinski collaborated on the creation of the Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery which has travelled throughout the Southwest. After inclusion in the Viewfinder photography exhibit in Houston and Dallas  Piotr Chizinski’s works were included in the Guangzhou Biennial of Photography in China and the Art LA Expo in Los Angeles, CA. He spent two months at the Hilmsen Residency in Germany during the summer of 2009 developing his recent studies.

The most recent work is based on a eugenics movement in Virginia during the 1920’s that sterilized over 10,000 men for their inability to pass tests developed by highly educated sociologists. The work takes an uncomfortably close look at the family trees of the area and offers a similar sterilization test notifying the test taker of their ‘breeding status’.

Please join us for the opening reception from 4-7 pm and a gallery talk at 6 pm on Thursday, March 4th, 2010. The Brazos Gallery is located on Richland College Campus in the Crockett Building, Room C-140. Brazos Gallery hours are from 10-5 PM Monday through Friday. For more information please contact Ryder Richards, Gallery Coordinator at Richland College, at 972.238.6339 or by email at

Living Room Scale Project_ demo and explanation by Piotr Chizinski

Family Tree as a trailer park, based on early eugenics studies of the early 1900’s.

For more information

KERA interview