T-Dust Alert #1 – Kiowa Hall Classes Temporarily Relocated

WHO? This temporary scheduling change affects all students and faculty scheduled for classes to meet in Kiowa Hall (the new modular building southeast of Guadalupe Hall).

WHAT? Due to construction delays with Kiowa Hall, classes have been temporarily re-scheduled to various classrooms in Washita, Crockett, El Paso, and Thunderduck halls.

WHAT ELSE? Students and faculty were to have been contacted by their division offices last week.

HOW? Some fee receipts printed late last week will accurately reflect these temporary room changes. However, other students who registered earlier and are affected by these moves were to have been contacted by their instructors through eCampus messages sent on Friday to alert them to the class relocations.

WHEN? Kiowa Hall construction is scheduled to be completed for occupancy by February 4. Faculty and students will be notified to confirm the actual date of occupancy in the building.