T-Dust Alert #84 – X-Rays are Being Performed on Roofs of All Campus Buildings – NO ACCESS ALLOWED

WHAT?  X-rays of the roofs of all campus buildings are currently being performed.
WHY?  X-rays are needed to detect accurately the precise locations where penetrations in the roofs can be made for the installation of air conditioning units to service all new expanded IT closets on campus.
WHO?  For the health and safety of all individuals, NO ONE can be inside the buildings when x-rays are being performed.
HOW?  Please be reminded that NO ONE is authorized to be inside campus buildings unless they have obtained official written approval processed through Human Resources, the president’s office, and District Legal and has been issued official designation as essential personnel.  This includes one-time access permission.
WHERE AND WHEN?  X-rays are currently being conducted according to the following schedule:
  • Fannin Hall – completed April 27
  • Bonham Hall – completed April 27
  • Del Rio Hall – April 28
  • Guadalupe Hall – April 28 – April 29
  • Thunderduck Hall – April 28 – April 30
  • Sabine Hall – April 30 – May 1
  • Neches Hall – May 1
  • Alamito Hall – May 1 – May 4
  • Crockett Hall – May 4 – May 5
  • Wichita Hall – May 5 – May 6
WHO ELSE?  MART Inc. is the contractor conducting the x-ray work funded through the District IT Closet Expansion Project.