T-Dust Alert #83 – Electrical Shutdown in Bonham and Neches Halls During Spring Break

ALERT UPDATE: Faculty and Staff whose offices are located in Bonham Hall or Neches Hall and who were planning to come to campus this weekend to access their offices to gather instructional files or work files in order to prepare for the continuity of instruction and work in the event of an extended campus closure following Spring Break, should be aware that there will be no lights, power, or computer access in these two buildings. Please consider making your preparation prior to leaving campus on Friday.

WHAT? There will be an electrical power shutdown that will affect Bonham and Neches halls during Spring Break.

WHEN? The power will be shut down on March 14, 2020, at 7:00 a.m.

WHY? This shutdown is necessary for the replacement of two electrical panels and one transformer in both Bonham and Neches halls.

WHERE? This shutdown will only affect Bonham and Neches Halls. IT connectivity will still be available campuswide with the exception of these two buildings.

WHAT ELSE? It will be necessary to REMOVE ALL ITEMS from refrigerators located in workrooms and offices in these two buildings.

WHEN ELSE? Power will be restored on March 22, 2020, prior to college buildings re-opening following Spring Break.

WHERE ELSE? Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at https://www.richlandcollege.edu/construction.