T-Dust Alert #81 – Temporary Closure of Lower Level El Paso Hall and Neches Hall Restrooms for Maintenance

WHAT? Richland College has two of its sewage injector systems that need to be reconditioned.

WHERE? These two systems are located in El Paso Hallway rooms E068 and E002.

HOW? Both systems will be taken off line, pumped out, and refurbished.

WHO? District has contracted with a City of Dallas-approved contractor to complete this project

WHEN? The contractor will start this project on Friday, December 20, 2019.

WHAT ELSE? During this project, restrooms E051, E053, E072, E074, N121, N127 and the Neches second floor family restroom will be closed.  It is anticipated that all these restrooms will reopen on or before January 8, 2020.  While these restrooms are closed, Thunderduck Hall, Fannin Hall, and Crockett Hall restrooms will be available for use.

HOW ELSE? This project is funded by District Deferred Maintenance funds.

WHAT ELSE? Please pardon any temporary inconvenience that this improvement work may cause.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated during this work.

WHERE ELSE? Previous editions of T-Ducks in a Row may be found at richlandcollege.edu/tdr