T-Dust Alert #75 – Sabine Hall Exterior Stairs Waterproofing Repair

WHAT? It is necessary to perform waterproofing maintenance on the Sabine Hall exterior staircase.

WHERE? The staircase is located on the northeast corner of Sabine Hall directly above the Follett Bookstore.

WHY? This maintenance project is necessary to prevent rain water from infiltrating into the building.

HOW? The contractor will remove the stone caps supporting the potted plants, remove several layers of brick, remove a portion of the terrace garden, and install counter-flashing to the wall adjacent and to the stairs to seal the area.

HOW ELSE? The courtyard area directly adjacent to the staircase will be barricaded for safety reasons. The Sabine Hall second floor east exterior doors leading to the terrace will be closed for the duration of the project.
WHEN? The project will start July 16, 2019, and will take approximately 35 days to complete.

WHO? This contract work is being done by Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc., and is being funded through the Richland College fund balance.

WHERE ELSE? Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at https://richlandcollege.edu/construction