T-Dust Alert #74 – Water Piping Replacement Work

WHAT? It is necessary to remove some of the original chilled-and-hot-water (HVAC) piping to prepare for installation of new piping.

HOW? The HVAC water system serving the east side of the campus will need to be drained in order to install the new piping. This project will be accomplished through Deferred Maintenance Funds.

WHERE? This piping upgrade will occur on the north side of Fannin Hall.

WHY? This piping has reached the end of its performance life-cycle and must be replaced due to soil movement and piping erosion throughout the years. While this work will be a temporary inconvenience for some students, faculty, and staff, the result of having a more dependable heating and air conditioning system that is environmentally efficient is worth the cost and temporary inconvenience.

WHEN? For this work to be accomplished, all buildings on the east side of campus will be without heating or cooling from May 16 to May 22, 2019. The interruption to the water supply will also affect the domestic hot water in the locker room showers for that period. This schedule is to ensure that all buildings on the east side of campus are operational in time for the Summer I Term.

WHAT ELSE? Please pardon any temporary inconvenience this work may cause. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

WHERE ELSE? Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at https://www.richlandcollege.edu/construction