T-Dust Alert #72 UPDATE – Building Heating Shut Down on East Side of Campus

A hot water pipe leak has affected the hot water system that heats campus buildings.  

WHERE?  The water leak is north of Fannin Hall and affects the hot water system that supplies heat to all the buildings on the east side of campus.  Domestic water supplied to the restrooms.  The buildings on the west side of campus will not be affected.   

HOW?  Facilities Services has submitted an emergency repair requisition, and the work has been approved to proceed immediately. 

WHO?  Double M Mechanical is the contractor who will conduct the repair work.

WHEN?  Due to the recent inclement weather, the pipe repair work has been partially delayed.  It is now scheduled to be completed by close of day on Wednesday, January 9.  The system will then have to be re-filled and water properly circulated prior to efficiently producing heat once again on or about Friday.

WHAT ELSE?  Should your work area be uncomfortably cold, you may request temporary space heaters from Facilities Services.  Please pardon any temporary inconvenience or discomfort this situation may cause.  Your understanding and cooperation continue to be appreciated during the course of this work.      

HOW ELSE?  This project is being funded by Richland College.

WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at https://www.richlandcollege.edu/construction