T-Dust Alert #71 – Waterproofing of the Main Bridge

WHAT?  It is necessary to waterproof the main bridge on campus.

WHY?  There are numerous leaks at the expansion joints on both ends of the bridge causing water to seep into sections of the El Paso Hallway.

WHERE?  The aboveground bridge extending over the El Paso Hallway will be closed; however, access between the two sides of campus will remain available through the inside El Paso Hallway and the North Bridge and South Bridge.

WHEN?  This work will begin Monday, December 17, and will continue throughout the Winter Break to be completed by January 16.

HOW?  This project will require jackhammering and saw cutting, so noise is anticipated in the early stages of the work.

WHO?  Waterproofing Technology Incorporated is the contractor completing the work.

HOW ELSE?  This project is being funded by Richland College.

WHAT ELSE?  Please pardon any temporary inconvenience this improvement work may cause.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated during the course of this work.