T-Dust Alert #64 – Lighting Fixtures and Ceiling Tile Upgrades in Thunderduck Hall Stairwells

WHAT?  Work to retrofit ceiling lighting fixtures and acoustical tiles will be conducted in Thunderduck Hall.

WHERE?  The retrofit work will be conducted only in the southwest, northwest, and east stairwells.   

WHEN?  The work is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 5, and be completed by Monday, June 19.

WHY?  The current recessed lighting fixtures contain four-pin compact fluorescent bulbs that must be hand-installed at heights difficult to access.  The new lighting fixtures will contain energy-efficient incandescent LED bulbs that can be changed with an extension pole while standing on the stairs. 

 WHY ELSE?  Ceiling tiles will also be upgraded to the campus standard CM 454 Bio-shield tiles that are heavier and remain stable and in place in the ceiling grid whenever positive air pressure in the stairwells increases.

 WHO?  The external contractor conducting the work is HWC Systems.              

 HOW?  The work will be conducted in one stairwell at a time to ensure that access to the building is not interrupted.  Due to the height of the ceilings, it will be necessary to erect scaffolding in the stairwells to conduct the work. 

 WHERE ELSE?  During the work in the east stairwell, the east elevator will not be accessible; however, the west elevator will remain accessible and operational throughout the duration of the work.    

 WHAT THEN?  For safety, Facilities Services will install barrier tape to cordon off each area as the work is being conducted in that area.  Facilities Services will also install temporary directional signage during the work.     

 HOW MUCH?  The cost of the work is $24,000, and is being funded with Richland College Facilities Services maintenance funds.   

 WHAT ELSE?  Please pardon any inconvenience this work may cause.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated during the course of this work.