T-Dust Alert #4 – West Circle Tree Removal and Mockingbird Care

WHAT?  Due to construction of the new science building it will be necessary to remove a total of 21 trees, four of which have been in declining health and were in need of removal.

WHERE?  The tree removal will occur in the West Circle.

WHO?  Mockingbirds who make their nesting home in the Land of the Thunderducks will be protected during this removal plan.

WHEN?  The projected nesting season for mockingbirds is mid March. Therefore, the trees will be removed before March which will ensure that the mockingbirds will be able to nest in other trees without being disturbed.

HOW?  The trees will be mulched, chipped, and placed in compost in the Facilities Services yard to transition to another state of existence, providing nourishment for other trees and growth areas on campus.

WHAT ELSE?  Trees for which mockingbirds have a strong preference such as Maple, Sweetgum and Sycamore trees will not be affected.  The trees to be removed are Magnolias, Elms, Oaks, Bradford Pears, and a Golden Rain tree.

WHERE ELSE?  In the area where the 21 trees will be removed there are at least 75 existing trees within close proximity where mockingbirds can find tall branches on which to perch and places in which to build their nests in early spring.  When the science building construction is completed approximately 50 trees will be added to the Richland campus landscape.

MORE WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts and construction updates may be found at http://www.richlandcollege.edu/construction