T-Dust Alert #30 – Lake Thunderduck North Bridge Closing

WHAT? Richland’s north bridge, which spans over upper Lake Thunderduck between Fannin Hall and Pecos Hall, will be temporarily closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

WHEN? The closure will begin on Monday, November 22, 2010, and continue until required repair work is completed.

HOW? Solid, reflective barricades will be installed temporarily at both ends of the bridge to prevent use of the bridge during the repair work.

WHY? Two, eight-inch, cast-iron pipes will be placed down the middle of the bridge in order to supply heated water from the boilers in Pecos Hall to buildings on the east campus.  This temporary measure will allow for repairs to be conducted on the original 1972 pipes running under Lake Thunderduck which have begun to leak.

Cameras will be used in the old pipes to determine the extent of damage and the method and materials needed to repair or replace the old pipes.  While the time needed for investigation and repairs is not yet known, the project is currently estimated to take at least three months.

The two pipes on the bridge will be connected to the heating source by pipes running across the ground to a valve pit immediately outside of the Pecos Hall south entrance.  On the east side of the bridge, the pipes will be connected to the east campus system in a valve pit north of Fannin Hall.  Where the connecting pipes cross sidewalks, ramps will be constructed over the pipes to provide uninterrupted access.

HOW ELSE? Funds for this required repair work are being provided by Richland’s Fund Balance.

WHAT ELSE? Please pardon any inconvenience during this repair work.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.