T-Dust Alert #29 – Interior Renovation of Wichita Hall Elevator

WHAT? The circa 1970s psychedelic interior of the Wichita Hall elevator is being refurbished to a contemporary aesthetic design.

The original 1972 elevator interior will be demolished and replaced with new surfaces that match the newer elevator finishes in Crockett and Fannin halls.

The work will take five days to complete, so the elevator will be shut down at 7 a.m. Tuesday, November 9, and returned to service on Tuesday, November 16.

WHAT ELSE? This interior work is the final phase of the complete renovation of the Wichita Hall elevator.

HOW? This project is funded by the District Service Center as part of the upgrade of elevators throughout the District.

HOW ELSE? Signs have been posted directing elevator riders to the Crockett Hall elevator to be used as an alternative route to the second floor of Wichita Hall during the renovation process.