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T-Dust Alert #73 – Lighting Replacement in Outdoor Breezeway Ceilings

WHAT? Facilities Services is working in collaboration with District Facilities Management to replace all breezeway ceiling light fixtures on campus.

HOW? All current incandescent light fixtures will be replaced with more energy-efficient LED fixtures.

WHERE? This light fixture replacement project will occur in the Fannin/Lavaca, Alamito/Crockett, and Crockett/Wichita breezeways.

WHEN? The project will start the week of April 15 with the Fannin/Lavaca breezeway scheduled first, and the work will continue for approximately three weeks.

WHY? This project aligns with Richland’s continuing commitment to sustainable initiatives. In the continual search for energy-saving methods, this fixture replacement will result in a reduction in electricity consumption by replacing incandescent fixtures with LED fixtures.

WHAT ELSE? This project will be managed by both Richland and District facilities employees, and is funded by District Facilities Management. Please pardon any temporary inconvenience this work may cause. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

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