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T-Dust Alert #70 – Campus-wide Elevator Inspections

WHAT?  It is necessary for all elevators on campus to undergo routine cathodic protection inspection.

WHY?  Cathodic protection is the prevention of corrosion on piping that maintains contact with ground surfaces, and all hydraulic piping in the pits of the elevators must have cathodic protection.

WHEN?  The inspections are scheduled to occur and be completed on October 11, 2018.

WHERE?  Each elevator will undergo this inspection, and each inspection will take approximately 30 minutes.

WHO?  The contracted work will be conducted by Corrosion Control Resources.

HOW?  Please identify in advance alternate elevators and alternate paths you can use when your usual elevator is undergoing this inspection.

HOW ELSE?  This project is being funded with Richland College institutional funds.

WHAT ELSE?  Please pardon any temporary inconvenience this preventive maintenance work may cause.  Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated during the course of this work.

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