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T-Dust Alert #63 – Guadalupe Double-Check Valve Repair Near Guadalupe Hall

WHAT? Facilities Services has received notification that the city of Dallas will conduct work to repair a double-check water supply valve on campus.

WHERE? This double-check valve supplies water to Guadalupe Hall and Medina Hall.

WHEN? The valve repair work will be conducted on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, and will take three to four hours to complete.

HOW? The valve repair work will require that the water supply be shut off to the two buildings. The exact time of the work has not been confirmed by the city of Dallas, but it is hoped that it will be early Wednesday morning. Richland Facilities Operations will post signs on the restrooms in the two buildings during the time the water supply is shut off.

WHERE ELSE? A section of the sidewalk leading to the Guadalupe Hall ADA ramp will have to be removed to complete the work.

WHAT THEN? The ADA accessible route from Parking Lots Y and Z will be blocked until the concrete is poured and has properly cured.

HOW ELSE? Richland Facilities Services will create an emergency requisition to complete the concrete work should the work by the city of Dallas exceed an acceptable amount of time. Richland Landscape Services will post ADA accessible route detour signage to Del Rio Hall from Parking Lots Y and Z during the course of the concrete work.

WHO? Individuals needing to access ADA parking at the Guadalupe Hall drop-off circle will be unaffected and will have ramp accessibility.

WHAT ELSE? Please pardon any inconvenience this work may cause. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated during the course of this work.

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T-Dust Alert #62 – Neches, Medina, and Crockett Elevator Upgrades

WHAT? Renovation work will be conducted to upgrade campus elevators.

WHERE? In this phase of the work, upgrades will be conducted on the Neches, Medina, and Crockett elevators.

WHEN? The work is scheduled to begin on May 12, 2017, and will conclude on June 18, 2017. The work will be staged according to the following schedule:

  • Neches: May 12 to May 18
  • Medina: May 12 to May 28
  • Crockett: May 16 to June 18

HOW? The elevators will be inoperative during the work according to the schedule listed above. Directional signage will be posted for all three elevators providing directions to access alternate elevators. During the Neches elevator work period, all classes scheduled on the second floor of Neches Hall will be relocated to other classrooms on campus to eliminate any access problems for students requiring access to the second floor but who would not have access due to the Neches elevator being inoperable.

WHO? The work will be completed by Texas Independent Elevator Company, a DCCCD-contracted elevator maintenance company.

HOW ELSE? The project is being funded by District Safety and Security funds.

WHAT ELSE? Please pardon any temporary inconvenience this improvement work may cause. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated during the course of this work.

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