Monthly Archives: February 2016

T-Dust Alert #58 – West Service Drive Renovation

WHAT?  The west service drive adjacent to Pecos, Hondo, and Wichita halls will undergo major renovation.

HOW?  The existing asphalt will be removed and replaced with concrete to provide longer lasting stability requiring considerably less maintenance.

WHEN?  The installation of the concrete will require the service drive to be closed for approximately six to eight weeks.  The renovation will begin March 1, 2016, and the anticipated date for completion is April 20, 2016.

WHO?  Facilities Services will work with College Police to cordon off the renovation area prohibiting any deliveries usually made via this service drive.

WHAT ELSE?  All pedestrian walkways will be cordoned off to prevent travel to and from the renovation area.

WHERE ELSE?  Facilities will strategically locate pathway signs to provide direction around the renovation area.

HOW ELSE?  This campus upgrade project is being funded by DCCCD Deferred Maintenance Funds.

WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at