Monthly Archives: September 2015

T-Dust Alert #58 – Partial Neches/Alamito East Sidewalk Closure

WHAT? A portion of the sidewalk extending along the east side from the first floor of Neches Hall to Alamito Hall will have to be closed temporarily.

WHY? A second-floor landing must be constructed, spanning from the new exterior Alamito elevator into the second floor interior hallway of Alamito Hall.

HOW AND WHERE? Sidewalk barricades will be erected from the southeast corner of Alamito Hall to the northeast corner of Alamito Hall beneath the work, and signage will be installed directing pedestrians to alternate sidewalk paths around the construction and other campus buildings.

WHEN? The barricades will be installed this Saturday, September 26, and will remain in place through the duration of the elevator construction that is scheduled to be completed by November 30, 2015.

HOW FUNDED? This construction is part of the $2 million ADA renovation project being funded through the District Deferred Maintenance budget.

WHAT ELSE? Thank you for your understanding and patience with any inconvenience this temporary barrier might cause.

T-Dust Alert #57 – Del Rio Elevator Repair Closure

WHAT? The Del Rio Hall elevator requires major repair to its hydraulic jack assembly.

WHY? The hydraulic jack assembly has failed after more than 40 years of safely delivering students to classes and labs on two floors.

WHEN? The repair work will begin Tuesday, September 15, from 11 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and continue on this nightly schedule for approximately four weeks.

HOW? The repair work requires noisy jack hammering to break out the concrete in the elevator pit floor and repair the hydraulic jack, so all work is scheduled to take place nights and weekends when classes are not in session.

WHERE? Signage directing physically challenged individuals to alternate elevators in Bonham and Medina halls is being posted.

WHO? The work is being conducted by Texas Independent Elevator, Richland College’s contracted elevator service provider, in compliance with all environmental regulations.

HOW FUNDED? The funding for this emergency repair is being provided from the Richland College Fund Balance.