Monthly Archives: August 2015

T-Dust Alert #56 – Parking Lot C Renovation Completion Update

WHAT? Parking Lot C has been undergoing major replacement renovation since July 6, 2015.

HOW? The existing asphalt was removed and is being replaced with concrete, providing longer lasting stability and requiring considerably less maintenance.

HOW ELSE? The installation of the concrete has been poured in sections with the last section scheduled to be poured on Thursday, August 27.

WHEN? Before access to and use of Parking Lot C is made available, a 28-day curing time is required from the date of the last pour to ensure compressive strength and durability of the pavement. Weather permitting, Parking Lot C will be released back into use on Tuesday, September 29.

WHO? Facilities Services is working with College Police to schedule officers to direct traffic so students arriving on campus the first week of the fall semester can be directed to alternative parking locations on campus.

WHAT ELSE? Parking Lot C contains 11 handicapped parking spaces that will not be accessible until the parking lot is released back into use. However, there are 17 handicapped parking spaces in Parking Lot D and 24 handicapped parking spaces in Parking Lot A.

WHERE ELSE? Richland College has always exceeded the required ADA code in the number of handicapped parking spaces on campus. However, until Parking Lot C is released back into use, Facilities Services will add temporary handicapped parking spaces in reasonable proximity to Parking Lot C.

HOW ELSE? This campus upgrade project is being funded by DCCCD Deferred Maintenance Funds.