Monthly Archives: February 2015

T-Dust Alert #49 – College-wide ADA Renovation Project

WHAT?  Richland College will undergo a $2 million college-wide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) renovation project to improve accessibility for all students.  This project will include upgrades to meet 2010 ADA code compliance standards such as:  the construction of ADA-accessible elevators in Alamito and Guadalupe halls; demolition and reconstruction of Fannin Hall restrooms and addition of a family restroom; modification of exterior sidewalk ramp slopes; re-positioning or replacement of bathroom fixtures, partitions, and accessories; and improved interior and exterior door hardware.

WHEN?  Various aspects of this renovation project are scheduled to be staged and completed between February 13, 2015, and September 15, 2015, as weather permits.

WHERE?  All permanent and modular buildings on campus, including some areas of the outdoor sports complex, are scheduled for ADA renovations at various points during the project.

 WHY?  By law, the American with Disabilities Act provides comprehensive civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities to include public accommodations.  Periodic audits of public facilities are conducted to ensure that accessibility to buildings and facilities is kept up-to-date.

 HOW?  An external ADA consultant funded by the District Facilities Management and Planning office conducted an extensive audit of Richland College facilities and identified areas that need to be upgraded to current standards.  The $2 million project cost is being funded through the District Deferred Maintenance budget.

 WHO?  The work will be conducted by Denco Construction Specialists under the supervision of two construction superintendents.

 HOW ELSE?  Throughout the duration of the project, Richland Facilities Services staff will meet weekly with the contractor, construction superintendents, and architects to provide two-week, look-ahead work schedules that will be shared with students, faculty, and staff in additional T-Dust Alerts to notify the college community of areas on campus as they are affected.  Temporary signage will also be posted to identify any alternate way-finding paths necessary when internal and external pedestrian pathways are impeded due to construction work.