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T-Dust Alert #48 – Richland East Drive Road Improvement Project Traffic Impact

WHAT?  The latest project in the Richland College Deferred Maintenance Plan schedule will address traffic issues through a road improvement project conducted on the Walnut Street/Richland East Drive entrance to the college.

WHERE?  The concentration of the work will involve the west side of the Walnut Street intersection with Richland East Drive and the roadway area nearest the soccer fields.

WHEN?  Demolition/construction work is scheduled to begin on August 4, 2014, and is estimated to take 120 days, with 60 days of work at the soccer fields and 60 days of work at the Walnut Street entrance.

WHO?  The contractor hired to complete the work is PaveCon.

HOW?  During affected periods of construction, two roadway lanes adjacent to the soccer fields will be reduced to one; however, College Police will assist in directing traffic flow.

WHAT NOT?  There should be no impact on the number of east side parking places available, but ready access to parking lots may be slowed during certain phases of the project.

HOW ELSE?  There is an electronic traffic information sign positioned just inside the east entrance to the campus to provide daily messages about construction impact on traffic flow.  To avoid traffic approach slowdowns during the scope of the project, you may take advantage of ample parking available in Lots C, D, and E on the west side of campus.

HOW FUNDED?  This improvement work is being funded from the Richland College Fund Balance.

WHAT ELSE?  Please forgive any temporary inconvenience in making these improvements.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

WHERE ELSE?  You may view a video detailing this roadway project and other Facilities Services maintenance projects at  Previous T-Dust Alerts may be found at