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T-Dust Alert #35 – Repair of El Paso Bridge Surface

WHAT? The concrete surface on the El Paso bridge will have selected sections removed and repaired.

WHERE? The area of work is located in the bridge section between the Fannin/Lavaca and Crockett/Alamito breezeways.

WHY? Over time, settling and shifting of the concrete has allowed rainwater to penetrate through to the sub-surface and eventually on to the ceiling of the lower level including a classroom and the cafeteria.

HOW? The contractor will cut out the bad sections, apply a seal, and replace with new concrete.

WHEN? Demolition will begin on Saturday, July 23, with the project scheduled to take 17 working days.

WHO? All work will be accomplished by an outside contractor.

WHAT ELSE? Access across the bridge will be reduced but remain open to pedestrians during campus hours.

THEN WHAT ELSE? There may be periods of noise and dust associated with demolition of the old concrete, so thank you for your patience and understanding as this campus improvement is made.

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