Monthly Archives: May 2010

T-Dust Alert #27 – Wichita Hall Entrances Closed for Asbestos Abatement and Adaptive Remodeling

WHAT? Access to the ground level of Wichita Hall will be strictly limited to provide for unimpeded adaptive remodeling, asbestos abatement, and construction work by contractors.  Any access to the second floor of Wichita Hall is strictly prohibited except by authorized personnel.

WHERE? The west and east entrances to Wichita Hall will be barricaded with no public access permitted.  The southeast entrance (in the Wichita/Crockett Breezeway) will be limited to individuals needing to access Human Resources or the Print Shop through a designated, limited pathway.  The northeast lakeside entrance will be limited to individuals needing to access Pat Bollin’s office.

WHEN? These additional closures and limited access begin Monday, May 24, 2010.

WHY? It is necessary to abate encapsulated asbestos in certain walls and flooring and demolish walls, floors, and ceiling grids to continue next stages of the renovation/reconstruction process.

HOW? Every law and procedure set by the state of Texas and the Texas Department of Health is being followed in identifying, reporting, and abating any instance of asbestos from the circa 1970 construction that currently remains in Wichita Hall.  By law, our adaptive remodel contractor cannot proceed to work in areas where asbestos is determined to be encapsulated unless a third-party, certified, licensed abatement contractor has secured, abated, certified, and released the space back to the contractor.  We have such an abatement contractor currently working in Wichita Hall, and there are air quality monitors outside each secure abatement area to ensure air quality and safety.

WHAT ELSE? The building is now a strictly enforced hard-hat area except in temporary paths to Human Resources, Pat Bollin, and the Print Shop.  The Print Shop will soon temporarily relocate to the former planetarium space.  During that time, access to the Print Shop will only be permitted through the exterior north entrance of the planetarium until renovation is completed.

THEN WHAT ELSE? Watch for future T-Dust Alerts with specific details and schedules.

THEN WHAT ELSE? Thank you for your continuing understanding and patience as we upgrade and improve campus facilities.