Monthly Archives: April 2010

T-Dust Alert #26 – First Floor Wichita Hall Men’s Restroom Temporary Closure

WHAT? The first floor men’s restroom in Wichita Hall will be closed for repairs and renovation.

WHERE? The restroom is located in WH156.

WHEN? The work will be conducted from April 26 through May 31, 2010.

WHY? It is necessary to drain pipes, repair plumbing leaks, and renovate walls.

WHERE ELSE? The men’s restroom across the breezeway on the first floor of Crockett Hall, C188, will be available as an alternate facility during the closure.

WHAT ELSE? As part of the Adaptive Remodel Project, other areas in Wichita Hall will be closed during the next three months.  Watch for future T-Dust Alerts with specific details and schedules.

THEN WHAT ELSE? Thank you for your continuing understanding and patience as we upgrade campus facilities.