Monthly Archives: March 2010

T-Dust Alert #25 – Fire Alarm

WHAT? A representative of the District’s insurance company will be conducting an annual environmental safety audit on campus that includes testing the fire alarm system.

WHEN? On Wednesday, March 17, between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m., there will be a fire alarm test which may involve several alarms being sounded.  Should the weather be inclement that day, the fire alarm test will need to be rescheduled to another day.

There is no need to exit campus buildings when the alarms sound during this testing period.  Please remain in place and pardon the interruption.

WHY? This inspection by an independent safety engineer provides a safer environment for students, faculty, and staff on campus and helps provide a lower insurance rate.

WHAT ELSE? Future funds for safety improvements on campus are often initiated by this annual audit.