Monthly Archives: February 2010

T-Dust Alert #24 – Adaptive Remodel Construction Headquarters Site in Parking Lot E

WHAT? To accommodate the Adaptive Remodel Project construction, it will be necessary to barricade a portion of Parking Lot E to provide an efficiently adjacent work and storage site for the contractor and subcontractors.

WHO? Joe Funk Construction staff and subcontractors will move necessary construction equipment, building materials, and supplies onto campus as needed for various stages of the remodeling construction.

WHERE? The construction support site will be located in the southeast one-third portion of Parking Lot E to minimize the number of students, faculty, and staff inconvenienced.

WHEN? College Police will barricade the site on Friday evening, February 26, to ensure that no private vehicles are parked in the area prior to construction materials being delivered and the temporary construction fence being installed.

HOW LONG? The construction site will be maintained by the contractor for the duration of the project through September 1, 2010.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to students, faculty, and staff who normally park in this area and ask for their patience and cooperation in seeking other available, adjacent parking in Parking Lots D and E not affected by the construction site.

T-Dust Alert #23 – Classroom/Office Relocations for Adaptive Remodel Project

WHAT? It is necessary for a number of classes and faculty/staff offices to be relocated during the Adaptive Remodel Project phase of Richland’s DCCCD Bond Program construction projects.  The relocations are necessary to provide sufficient building access for the contractor and subcontractors to complete demolition and remodeling work in spaces vacated by our move into the new science building and subsequent workgroup moves.

WHERE? Construction work will take place in El Paso, Hondo, Pecos, Thunderduck, and Wichita halls in two phases throughout the six-month remodeling schedule.

WHEN? The first phase of the demolition, construction, and remodeling work will commence on Monday, February 22, and a second phase of the Wichita Hall remodeling will begin on Saturday, May 15.  The work is scheduled to be completed by Faculty Return Week August 16, 2010.

WHEN ELSE? Any type of remodeling work anticipated to produce unacceptable noise levels will be conducted between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., or during weekends, Spring Break, or other official college holidays.

WHY NOW? This work is part of construction projects made possible by the 2004 DCCCD Bond Program and coordinated by the DCCCD Bond Office.  By law all 2004 DCCCD Bond Program projects must be completed and all DCCCD Bond Program funds expended by October 1, 2010.  This aggressive six-month remodeling schedule could not commence until after the move to the new science building and the coordination and approval of the Bond Office and contractor.  It has been timed to begin now in order to complete construction by the start of fall semester 2010.

WHO? The design/build firm of Joe Funk Construction/VAI Architects is handling the project in cooperation with DCCCD Bond Office management.

WHO ELSE? Every consideration is being taken to reschedule students currently in classrooms affected by this construction into vacant, like-size classrooms in various parts of campus.  Individuals and workgroups directly impacted during the course of this remodeling project are: students, faculty, and staff in Academic Enrichment, Academic Transfer, AECI, Career Services, College Marketing and Communications, College Police, Counseling, Developmental Reading, Developmental Writing, Engineering, English, ESOL, Facilities, Government, Health Professions, Human Resources, Office of Student Life, Philosophy, Photography, Print Shop, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Staff Lounge, TOLI, Travel Exposition & Meeting Management, Upward Bound/Trio/Soar, Veterans Affairs, and Working Wonders.

HOW? Beginning February 22 every effort will be made to minimize interruption to instruction and student services beyond the relocations that already have had to take place to make way for remodeling to begin.  Richland project leadership representatives will meet weekly with the contractor, subcontractors, and Bond project manager to anticipate, minimize, and communicate any unanticipated interruptions to instruction, student services, hallways, and interior and exterior walkways.  Contractors will provide two-week look-ahead reports each week to enable the college to anticipate and address any inconvenience.

SO? We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to students, faculty, and staff that this unavoidable remodeling and these temporary relocations create on short notice, and we ask everyone’s understanding, patience, and cooperation in helping this project to go as efficiently as possible to make our facilities even better in support of student learning success.