Monthly Archives: September 2009

T-Dust Alert #22 – Roof Repairs

WHAT? A project to renovate the aging roofs on many of Richland’s buildings will begin on September 8 with repairs to part of the roof on Fannin Hall.  Next will be repairs to the Alamito roof followed by a complete replacement of the Neches roof.  These roof repairs are scheduled to be completed by December 2009.

WHY? This is Phase II of a three-phase effort to stop water penetration into buildings and prevent damage to interior ceilings and walls.  Phase III is currently in the design stage, and it is anticipated to begin in early spring 2010.  Phase III will involve all or portions of roofs at Guadalupe, Medina, Lavaca, Sabine, Pecos, Hondo and Crockett.

WHO? The design and specifications were prepared by Cindy Chadwell of Rooftech, and the work will be performed by Progressive Roofing.  Overall supervision of the project is provided by DCCCD Engineer Khaison Wyandon and Richland Facilities Project Manager Glenn Child.

HOW? The roofs on Fannin and Alamito halls will receive new roofing material with a binder plus a white final coat which will help reflect radiant heat.  On Neches most of the roof will be replaced with the work taking place between 10 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. each night.

HOW FUNDED? Funds for the contract were provided from a DCCCD major maintenance account.

WHAT ELSE? Material and equipment storage will take place just off the service drive south of the new science building.

AND THEN WHAT ELSE? The skylights in the Alamito/Crockett breezeway will be replaced.  At times, portions of the breezeway will be barricaded for the safe passage of students, faculty, and staff.