Monthly Archives: February 2009

T-Dust Alert #21 – Replacement of Storefront Door Entrances

WHAT? The storefront door entrances to campus buildings are being replaced.

WHERE? In this sequence, the storefront entrances to El Paso, Guadalupe, Fannin, Lavaca, Bonham, Alamito, Del Rio, Sabine, and Crockett halls will be replaced.

WHY? Misalignment of aging doors and doorframes prevents the campus-wide magnetic locking system from properly securing buildings.  This situation currently requires that all exterior doors on campus be manually unlocked and locked by College Police.  This lengthy, daily process leaves campus buildings vulnerable during early mornings and late at night.

WHY ELSE? Doors left ajar due to misalignment also cause the loss of heating and cooling to campus buildings and increased energy costs.

HOW? Dallas Door is the vendor completing the project.  For the safety and security of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, workers will barricade the various areas as the work is taking place.  Each storefront entrance will be started and completed on the specific day it is scheduled.

WHEN? The replacement, cleanup, and punch list work is taking place from February 16 through March 9.

WHAT ELSE? There may be some intermittent noise from hammers and drills experienced at each location during the replacement work.  It also may be necessary to use an alternate entrance to a building during the work.