Monthly Archives: November 2008

T-Dust Alert #20 – Bundle Up in Layers for Comfort

WHAT? With temperatures predicted to drop into the low 30’s tonight, please dress in warm layers for maximum comfort and flexibility when on campus.

WHY? As described in T-Dust Alert #19, due to construction the ability to heat the campus has been interrupted.

WHERE? The temperature in all campus buildings will be affected.

WHERE ELSE? Hot water supplied by the boilers is also used to heat water in the swimming pool, showers, and restrooms.

HOW LONG? Estimates are that work will be completed and the ability to heat campus buildings will be restored by the end of the day on November 24.

T-Dust Alert #19 – Campus Heat

WHAT? Due to unforeseen mechanical conditions and challenges in connecting the new hot water system to piping underneath Pecos Hall and Sabine Hall, there will be a delay in providing heat to most buildings on campus.

WHY? The large boilers underneath Pecos Hall that supply heat for the campus have been removed to make way for new equipment being installed.  This work is part of the Central Plant expansion project related to the new science building construction.

WHY? The heat has been off for several months while the old boilers were removed.  Contractor crews are working around the clock to make the needed connections and expect the system to be operational on or before November 24.

WHERE? The entire campus can be affected until the new boilers are installed.  Hot water supplied by the boilers is also used to heat water in the swimming pool, showers, and restrooms.

HOW TO DRESS? Although we have been experiencing rather mild fall temperatures, should the weather turn cold, please dress warmly in layered clothing, as needed, for maximum comfort.

HOW FUNDED? Demolition of the old boilers and installation of the new ones in the Central Plant expansion is financed by 2004 CIP bond funds.

T-Dust Alert #18 – Temporary Sabine/Pecos Sidewalk Closure for Utilities Work

WHAT? Due to a rupture caused in a 36-year-old HVAC pipe under Sabine Hall during the connection and testing of new piping installed in the Central Plant expansion, it will be necessary to temporarily close a pedestrian walkway to repair the piping connection.

WHERE? The temporary closure will be the sidewalk between the north end of Sabine Hall and the south end of Pecos Hall.

WHEN? The work will commence Wednesday, November 12, at 7 a.m. and take approximately one week.

WHO? Students, faculty, staff, and visitors parking in the D & E parking lots will be affected during this temporary sidewalk closure and may choose to find alternate parking during this repair period.

HOW? Temporary construction fencing and directional signage will be installed to direct pedestrians to the northwest ADA-accessible ramp entrance to Sabine Hall providing access to Sabine Hall, Crockett Hall, and the east campus.