Monthly Archives: September 2008

T-Dust Alert #17 – Re-routing Sidewalk Around New West Plaza Construction

WHAT? In order safely to restore the remaining construction utilities connections from Sabine Hall to Crockett Hall and Alamito Hall, it is necessary to enlarge the new science building construction site and re-route the sidewalk path previously available through the West Plaza area at the intersection of Sabine Hall southeast, Crockett Hall southwest, and Alamito Hall northwest.

WHERE? The pedestrian path leading from the C and D parking lots past the south retaining wall of Hondo Hall and through the temporary, elevated Sabine ramp leading to the West Plaza area is now being re-routed and extended through the Sabine/Crockett Breezeway and past the southwest Crockett stair tower into the Crockett/Alamito Breezeway.

WHEN? The alternate path has been temporarily re-routed and construction fencing will be installed soon.

WHO? Students, faculty, staff, and visitors parking in the C and D parking lots will be affected by this re-routed sidewalk path but can still gain access to Crockett Hall, Alamito Hall, and the East Campus through this modified route.

HOW? Temporary signage will be installed to direct pedestrians through the altered sidewalk path.

HOW LONG? The West Plaza will be contained within the construction site fence until the new plaza/quad pavement work is completed near the end of the project in July 2009.