Monthly Archives: July 2008

T-Dust Alert #14 – HVAC Shutdown for Tower #6 Riser Valve Replacement

WHAT? There will be a temporary air conditioning shut down in Alamito, Crockett, Neches, and El Paso Halls.

WHEN? The shutdown will be necessary from  9:45 p.m. on Thursday, July 31, to 8:45 a.m. on Friday, August 1.

WHY? The leaking riser valve in Tower #6 in the Crockett Hall west stairwell needs to be replaced because the leak is causing water to pool at the new science building construction site, impeding progress in the basement area construction and pipe tie-ins.

HOW? The chiller serving those buildings will have to be shutdown, lines drained, water lines disconnected, two valves replaced, water lines refilled, and chiller restarted upon completion of the repairs.

WHAT ELSE? This process will potentially cause Crockett and Alamito halls to experience higher than normal temperatures during the morning of August 1, so please dress appropriately for comfort during the morning recovery period.

T-Dust Alert #13 – Richland East Drive New Exit Lane Construction

WHAT? Construction of an additional exit lane on the east side of the Richland East Drive, as it ends at the Walnut Street traffic light, will begin this week.

WHAT ELSE? There may be intermittent, brief traffic delays during demolition of the curb and concrete pour.

WHY? The intent of the project is to provide an extra lane for a more orderly, safe turn east onto Walnut Street during peak traffic and emergencies.

WHEN? The project completion date is August 21, 2008.

WHO? Project manager for the contractor, McMahon Contracting L.P., is Tomas Garcia, and Glenn Child is the Richland project manager.  The project engineer is Kahison Wyandon of DCCCD Facilities Management, and the supervisory engineering technician is James Ryan of Neel-Schaffer Engineering.

HOW? This project is funded from the Richland fund balance in the amount of $124,000.