Monthly Archives: March 2008

T-Dust Alert #6 – Temporary Sidewalk Closure for Utilities Work

WHAT?  In order safely to complete the underground installation of the storm water drain to encircle the building footprint of our new science building, it will be necessary to temporarily close a pedestrian walkway.

WHERE?  The sidewalk leading from the C and D parking lots past the south retaining wall of Hondo Hall (Horticulture) leading to the Sabine/Crockett and Crockett/Alamito Breezeways will be temporarily  closed for heavy equipment excavation work.

WHEN?  The work is scheduled to begin as soon as possible during Spring Break and will continue for perhaps as long as ten days to two weeks, depending on weather conditions.

WHO?  Students, faculty, staff, and visitors parking in the C & D parking lots will be affected during this temporary sidewalk closure and may choose to find alternate parking during this construction period.

WHERE ELSE?  Temporary signage will be installed to direct pedestrians to alternate sidewalks through Horticulture and north of the Horticulture  complex to access Sabine and other parts of campus.

WHAT ELSE?  Access to Horticulture buildings and grounds will be maintained during this utilities work.

WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts and construction updates may be found at