Monthly Archives: January 2008

T-Dust Alert #3 – Utilities Re-location Impact

WHAT?  Storm drains, sewer lines, and water lines must be relocated for the new science building and physical plant expansion.

WHERE?  Work to relocate the utility lines from the new science building site to the storm drain immediately southwest of Thunderduck Hall will extend under the west sidewalk entrance to Thunderduck Hall and the flag poles.

WHEN?  This phase of the work will begin January 21.  This phase of work will be finished as quickly as possible and original access routes will be restored.

WHO?  It will affect students, faculty, and staff entering the west entrance to Thunderduck Hall and individuals parking in the north two rows of the B parking lot.

WHERE?  Only one side of the sidewalk will be blocked at a time so individuals can continue to enter the west entrance of Thunderduck Hall.  A small portion of the B parking lot will be temporarily blocked for the installation of a manhole access.

HOW?   Proper safety fencing, caution tape, and metal lay-down panels will be temporarily installed to mark safe pedestrian detours on the sidewalks in the immediate areas affected.

WHAT ELSE?  It will be necessary to stabilize the area around the flag poles during excavation.  Therefore, we will not be able to fly the flags during this period of work due to impeded access to the flag poles.

WHERE ELSE?  Previous T-Dust Alerts and construction updates may be found at

T-Dust Alert #2 – Hard Hat Construction Area Protocol

WHAT? Only authorized construction project personnel who have completed the official safety training course and background check and have been issued construction badges and hard hats are allowed entry into construction areas on campus and at the Garland Campus site.

WHO? Authorized construction personnel include contractors, subcontractors, architects, project managers, Richland Facilities staff, and Richland officials who are escorted on construction site tours by authorized personnel.

WHERE? This policy applies to on-campus construction sites including the new science building, utilities re-routing areas, physical plant expansion, parking expansion, and modular building, as well as the off-campus site at the Garland Campus.

WHY? This policy is in place to protect everyone’s safety and security, eliminate construction interruptions, and expedite construction progress.

WHERE ELSE? Previous T-Dust Alerts and construction updates may be found at

T-Dust Alert #1 – Kiowa Hall Classes Temporarily Relocated

WHO? This temporary scheduling change affects all students and faculty scheduled for classes to meet in Kiowa Hall (the new modular building southeast of Guadalupe Hall).

WHAT? Due to construction delays with Kiowa Hall, classes have been temporarily re-scheduled to various classrooms in Washita, Crockett, El Paso, and Thunderduck halls.

WHAT ELSE? Students and faculty were to have been contacted by their division offices last week.

HOW? Some fee receipts printed late last week will accurately reflect these temporary room changes. However, other students who registered earlier and are affected by these moves were to have been contacted by their instructors through eCampus messages sent on Friday to alert them to the class relocations.

WHEN? Kiowa Hall construction is scheduled to be completed for occupancy by February 4. Faculty and students will be notified to confirm the actual date of occupancy in the building.