Work Smarter with Excel Shortcuts

flikr-work-smarterWe all want to find a way to work more efficiently. For me, that involves knowing some ways to shorten my tasks in Excel, since I seem to use that frequently. Here are a couple of keyboard shortcuts that help me out.

The first is using the F9 key with formulas. When creating the formula, you can hit the F9 key and the formula will display actual values instead of the cell references. For example, type numbers in a few cells and use the Sum function button to create a simple Sum formula. Press the F9 key and you will see the actual values it is using in the formula instead of the cell references.

The second shortcut involves formulas, too. When I am debugging a worksheet, I sometimes want to highlight the cells that are referenced in a formula. To do this, I click on the cell with the formula and press Ctrl-[ (that’s Ctrl-open-square-bracket key just to the right of the P key). Excel highlights all the cells referenced by the formula, and moves to the first of the referenced cells.


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