Want to Be Successful in College?

graduation-hatHow do you feel on your first day of a new semester? If it is your first semester, you are probably very apprehensive. If you are a returning college student, you may be excited or you may be anxious about meeting new people and facing new challenges. In either situation you are probably a bit nervous and full of questions. Your goal, however, is to be successful.

In an article titled, “Top Ten Tips for College Success,” Dr. Sylvia Rimm discusses the exciting and challenging experience of pursuing a college education and lists her tips for being successful in college. Click here to read her article: Top Ten Tips for College.

I especially like her very first tip: Never miss a class. If you had a job and you decided not to show up for work, how successful do you think you would be at that job? It is important to treat college as a job and assume that it is your responsibility to go to class every day!

As we begin a new semester at Richland College, take a minute to read Dr. Rimm’s tips. Then, make a deal with yourself to follow these tips. Your path to success will be easier with a set of guidelines. Write them down and review them often!

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