Twitter to the Rescue? How Administrative Professionals Can Use Twitter Tips From Colleagues to Stay Abreast!

02-23-2015 Twitter Birds 505720761Take a “working tip” from one of our BOSS students who is currently enrolled in Richland College’s online POFT 1309 Administrative Office Procedures course and how she discovered the merits of Twitter and that it can be a wonderful networking tool for helping administrative assistants (and others) get handy advice and tips from other admin professionals.

As part of a recent class assignment, Edith Garcia set out to explore some ways Twitter might prove helpful to administrative assistants in getting up-to-date information on how to be more successful and efficient in getting their work tasks completed. In the process of researching Twitter, Edith found that she had to change some of her original opinions of this social media platform. She has now come to view Twitter as a quick, invaluable way of getting tips from other admin colleagues.

So here, in her own words, Edith provides suggestions for basic Twitter use that administrative office professionals can use to stay current and stay connected with the changing face of technology:
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“One of the areas I decided to research was social media. As I reviewed some of the articles, the one that caught my attention was ‘Why Twitter Is Worth It.’ One of assignments in this course was to create a Twitter account. I didn’t have one until a couple days ago. I had always thought it [Twitter] was just a place to gossip in a few words. I didn’t know there are a lot of professionals advising others.”

“There was one example that informed me of the fact that you can get a lot of great [Twitter] feeds concerning your work. It can come in handy when you are in a struggle and can even find out things that are helpful. By following professionals on Twitter, you can enhance your knowledge. I plan to keep this Twitter account and to follow administrative professionals to enhance my knowledge and get some great advice.”

Original Source: – Blog article: “Why Twitter Is Worth It”

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