The Change Cycle

150878885This is another post from Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr., the Chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District.  We are honored to learn from his experience and leadership knowledge through these posts. Check back monthly for his posts!

From: Chancellor’s Weekend Memo # 335


Ann Salerno and Lillie Brock have written an interesting book titled The Change Cycle (Berrett-Koehler Publishers), and I wanted to share excerpts.

Change creates emotion, commotion, and stress.  Why?  People fear loss of control, divorcing themselves from their old habits and ways, dealing with the “new,” questioning their future, and pondering what the new year will hold.  To understand and overcome these fears, the authors explain the six stages of The Change Cycle:

•           Loss.   Think about specific losses change might create.  Then, start problem-solving.

•           Doubt.  When change hits, it usually comes with information gaps. That is why employees speculate.

•           Discomfort. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed when change arrives.  Discomfort opens the door to the upside of upside down.  Here is an opportunity to learn to work smarter, not harder.

•           Discovery. Working smarter changes your perspective.  You can play on your strengths.

•           Understanding.   What you have learned puts you back in control.

•           Integration.   Thriving during changes requires flexibility.

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