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Windows 10 is Coming!

As is always true in the world of computer technology, change is coming very soon. Microsoft will announce and make available sometime later this year its newest version of Windows—Windows 10. Users of Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1 will be able to get Windows 10 FREE. This is a first from Microsoft and is a step toward regaining user support. Many loyal Windows users were disappointed in Windows 8.

Exciting news about Windows 10 includes the return of the Start menu. Microsoft has also redesigned its browser, Internet Explorer, and given it a new name—Microsoft Edge.

Included below are two links: One will take you to a short article on CNet.com, which includes a list of things you need to know about Windows 10. The second link will take you to a list of FAQ’s on Windows 10 posted on Microsoft’s Web site.

What You Need to Know about Windows 10 (from CNET.com)

Microsoft’s FAQs Regarding Windows 10

Enjoy learning about what is coming next for users of Microsoft Windows!

Have Fun with the Aero Feature in Windows 7

Using an Aero desktop theme will enhance your windows with a translucent glass design, subtle window animations and new window colors. To set your computer to use an Aero theme, right click a blank area of your desktop and left click Personalization near the bottom of the shortcut menu.

Select one of the seven Aero themes listed under “Change the visuals and sounds on your computer.”

Changing to an Aero theme will provide other options unique to the Areo theme. One of these options is a cool feature called Areo 3D Flip–a window switching mechanism which cascades windows with a 3D effect.

To use Areo 3D Flip, hold down the Windows logo key (between CTRL and ALT on a standard keyboard) and press the Tab key. Continue holding the Windows logo key and press Tab to cycle through the open windows. If you wish to display the window at the top of the 3D stack on your screen, simply release the Windows logo key.

It’s an easy, fun feature to use, and you just might impress your colleagues, friends, and family members with your Windows 7 knowledge!


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Microsoft Introduces Windows 8

What would happen if you powered up your computer and the desktop looked like this?

Windows 8


If you are getting ready to purchase a new windows computer, be aware that you will most likely be getting a computer equipped with a new operating system, Windows 8.  The new operating system is flashy and resembles the screen on your Android or iPhone. 

Mike Williams writes on techradar.computing, ” Windows 8 has undergone a major redesign which sees the Start menu scrapped, the desktop demoted, and years of interface conventions thrown away.”  Click here to read what he says you will have to “relearn” to use Windows 8.

PC World also offers what they refer to as, “Windows 8:  The official review.”  Click here to see the PC World review of Windows 8.

It is still possible to purchase a new computer with Windows 7 rather than Windows 8; however, you will probably have to order the computer with specs for Windows 7 as the operating system.  Be an educated buyer before you purchase a new computer; do some research on Windows 8 and decide which operating system you prefer.


For more information on the Business Office Systems and Support department, contact Becky Jones, Associate Dean, bjones@dcccd.edu 972-238-6215.