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7 Brilliant Ways to Start a Presentation

We’ve all been there: sitting at your computer viewing a blank PowerPoint slide with no idea  04-07-2014 Business Writing Skills 78771905how to open or start your presentation. Let’s be honest; we’ve all struggled with the best ways to begin especially when getting your audience to listen is important to the success of your presentation.

Want to catch the attention of your audience in the first minute of your presentation? Click the link below to read an article by Darlene Price, president of Well Said, Inc., and author of “Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results.” The article is posted on the Business Insider Web site and has seven suggestions for ways in which to start a presentation and captivate your audience at the same time.

7 Brilliant Ways to Start a Presentation

So, what are you waiting for? Experiment. Try something new. Step outside your comfort zone. More than likely, you will experience some amazing results by trying any one of these techniques.


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