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PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Recently, a major publication featured a story about PowerPoint. The point of the article is that even if you have a fantastic PowerPoint that you need a great presentation to go along with it.  You need to do more than just click through some slides and talk.  The authors mentioned several great tips:

1.    Recruit someone who is an expert on the area/topic about which you are presenting to present with you.

2.    Give free samples (that are relevant to your audience) to pass around to the audience.

3.    Get the audience involved.  Ask questions and have the audience ask questions.

4.    Know when to use a dark background (in a large room with artificial lighting) versus light background (in a small room with mostly natural lighting).

5.    When you are not giving the presentation in person, such as when people are watching a presentation at a kiosk or you are uploading it to a web site, you can record your voice as narration for the presentation.

Several other tips are mentioned in this video by Jennifer Austin giving a presentation at the University of Buffalo about the do’s and don’ts of presenting. Check out her presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/jhaustin/presentation-tips.


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