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Make Sure “Time Is On Your Side” By Using Office Timeline 2010!

Have you ever had the need to explain an upcoming event or project and to show the underlying project phases/goals to your boss, other colleagues, or clients?

I’m sure you will agree that the biggest challenge is in presenting this information so that everyone easily sees “the big picture.”

Use PowerPoint 2010 and the free Office Timeline 2010 add-in to help you create timelines easily and quickly. Use the Timeline 2010 add-in to assist you in getting the important points across concerning events/projects to your audience as you intended. The good news is (1) Office Timeline 2010 has several time saving built-in wizards, and (2) Timeline 2010 works with either PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2007!

Click this link to visit the website and watch the demo to see how you can use the Office Timeline 2010 wizard to create timelines. When you’ve finished watching the demo, you can then download the free version of the add-in.

See what Timeline 2010 can do to help you “spruce up” your presentations even more!

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