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Screenshots & Screen Clippings in Office 2010

Want to take a picture of something on your computer screen?  With a new feature in Office 2010 you can take screenshots or screen clippings (partial images of the screen) using Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

Located on the Insert tab in the Illustrations group, the Screenshot and Screen Clipping commands allow you take a snap shot of any open program windows or to select just a portion of any open program window to clip and add to your document.

To use the Screenshot command, open the window that you wish to illustrate, click the Insert tab, then click the Screenshot button.  A thumbnail of the window appears in the Available Windows gallery; click the thumbnail.  An image of the window is inserted in your Word document as a graphic object.  You can move, resize and format the object just as you would any graphic object.

To insert only a portion of the available window into your Word document, click the down arrow on the Screenshot command and click Screen Clipping. Using the mouse pointer, drag to select only the portion of the screen you wish to select.   When you release the mouse button, the clip will be inserted into your Word document.

It’s a very handy and simple to use new feature in Office 2010!


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