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7 Handy Internet Search Tips

How many times have you searched the Internet and had the feeling of “this is almost of what I want, but not quite”? Well, Shankar Ganesh, who is a guest writer for How-To Geek, provides us with list of seven helpful ways (something for everyone) to search various platforms and apps.

1.  Use Google’s AROUND(n) for a proximity search. You may be familiar with the AND, NOT, OR search operators, but this Google operator allows you to specify the distance between two search terms. For example, I was interested in finding information on the MOS certification and Richland College. I simply entered the following search command at Google: MOS certification AROUND (3) Richland College. I received the most relevant results which were followed by related results.

2.  Use Stars with Gmail. If you have a Gmail account, you can enable the Superstars labs addons by clicking on the gears icon, then selecting Settings, scrolling to the Stars area, making your star selection(s), and then clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. You can then color code your messages. The other neat advantage of color coding is that you can search for your messages via the color coded system. Ganesh provides many of the search operators, but here are three filter codes that are based on the color starred system:

i. has:yellow-star

ii. has:blue-star

iii. has:orange-star

3.  Consider using CloudMagic if you are an avid Gmail user.  Using the CloudMagic addon will definitely speed up your email searches. According to Ganesh, CloudMagic is especially helpful if you have a lot of archived messages that need searching also.

4.  Use wallpaper to spruce up your desktop/laptop screen. If you are looking for wallpaper, Google certainly has tons of images, but Bing certainly has a lot to offer as well. Bing will show images that match your screen resolution, and you don’t need to specifically indicate the resolution. Just go to bing.com/images and then type in your search term.

5.  Make your Evernote app even more efficient. Let’s say that you use Evernote with your SmartPhone or tablet to work with a variety of applications, but you need to search your notes from one particular source. In Ganesh’s example the search is for notes that were created in any mobile client or information pasted from a Microsoft application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You just need to type source:mobile.* or source:ms.app.* He provides a link at this site that offers a number of advanced Evernote search parameters as well.

6.  Keep those shared links on Twitter manageable by using Delicious. Simply go to your Twitter account and make sure your settings allow your links to be collected from your tweets and retweets. The nice thing is that Delicious ignores any duplicate links.

7.  Limit your searches to folders, not files! If you are like a lot of us, you probably have some folders and some files on your hard drive, flash drive, etc.—rather cluttered. Have you ever just wanted to look for your folders that contain the word PowerPoint (you know they’re on your hard drive/flash drive—somewhere!). Well, Windows has a great search operator known as the “in-built kind: operator. So if you are looking for these that are tucked away in folder, you just need to type the following command in the search area: powerpoint kind:folder and presto! Only folders containing this word in their names, no files, will appear.

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