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Excel Worksheets: Flexible and Easy to Manipulate

When you open a new Microsoft Excel Workbook file, there should be three worksheets available by default, labeled Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3. As your Excel files become more complicated, it’s important to rename each worksheet to appropriately reflect its respective content. To rename a worksheet, right-click its sheet tab and click Rename. Type in the new name of the worksheet and press the Enter key.

When three worksheets aren’t enough for your task, you can add worksheets. To add a single worksheet, right click on any sheet and choose Insert from the Quick Menu.  At the end of the last sheet in the Workbook file, there is also an Insert Worksheet button.  Here’s one more method:  the Shortcut key to insert a worksheet is SHIFT F11.

It is also easy to change the number of sheets in a new workbook file.  In Excel, click File, Options, and choose the General tab on the left.  Under “When creating new Workbooks” change the number 3 in the Include this many sheets box to the number of sheets you wish to have in each new Excel Workbook file that you create.

If you have a particular worksheet you’d like to move or copy to a different location, select the worksheet(s) you want to move/copy, right click and choose Move or Copy from the Quick Menu.  The following dialog box will appear.

Move or Copy Box

In the box above, the selected sheet is set to copy to the Workbook file named, EX D-Quarterly Tour Expenses.  It will be placed before the sheet named Sheet3.

If you forget to check the Create a copy box, the selected sheet will be moved rather than copied.

You are now on your way to being an Excel Worksheet Manipulation Expert!


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