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Top Job Search Apps for the Android and iPhone

As we rely more and more on smartphones and other mobile devices, more tasks—such as looking for jobs and enhancing your career—will shift to these devices.

If you own a smartphone and you are looking for a job, there are two web sites you really need to visit:  TheUnderCoverRecruiter.com and Careerrocketeer.com. Both sites have posted information and reviews for a number of job search apps for the Android and iPhone. The good news is that most of the apps are free, which means you have even greater access to a vast pool of job vacancies.

The table below is a list of the top job apps for each phone, but visit the web sites links noted above to get more in-depth information about each app. Happy hunting!

Android iPhone
LinkedIn Jobs by CareerBuilding.com
Best Resume Tips Monster.com Jobs
Job Search by Indeed.com Job Search by Indeed.com
Monster Job Search Job Search Engine by LinkUp.com
LinkUp Job Search Engine Simply Hired
Evernote SnagAJob
ResumeMaker On-the-Go Craiglist for iPhone
ResumeBear JobAware Lite
RealTweets Job Networking JobAware
Hire *a*Droid JobCompass
What Color Is Your Parachute? Job-Interview Tool
Business Card Reader
SnapDat Digital Business Cards
Picket Resume
Resume App
Monster.com Interviews
101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions
Interview Prep Questions
Interview Pro
Interview Buzz Lite
Interview Buss PRO

For more information on the BOSS program and how it can help you prepare for a successful career, contact Becky Jones, Associate Dean, bjones@dcccd.edu 972-238-6215.

How Far Will Your Office Skills Take You In the Future?

In today’s fast-paced world, the word “change” is a constant reminder to all workers that “nothing in the workplace stays the same.”

If you want to succeed within your current company or with a future employer, you need to have a skill set that reflects both flexibility and know-how.  The admin staffing company, Office Team, conducted a study entitled Office of the Future: 2020 that needs to be read by anyone planning to remain in or seeking to become an office professional. One finding of this study revealed that office professionals need to take a dynamic and continuous role in preparing for their own success in today’s, as well as in, future work environments by adopting the following ACTION plan:

Analysis – analyzing information and exercising good judgment

Collaboration – establishing rapport with team members and facilitating team building

Technical aptitude – selecting the best technical tools and using these tools effectively

Intuition – identifying and adapting to the needs and work styles of others

Ongoing education – engaging in continual learning

Negotiation – participating in business discussions that produce positive results

Developing critical thinking and analytical skills, managing time and work tasks effectively, operating in a virtual world, using mobile devices to complete business tasks, and developing specialty “niche” skills are just some of the expectations that have appeared on the horizon, and these employer requirements will continue to play a larger role in the lives of office professionals.

It’s an exciting and yet challenging time, and job titles and roles will definitely change over the next few years. You can download a free copy of this study and others by clicking this Office Team link.

For more information on the BOSS program and how it can help you prepare for success, contact Becky Jones, Associate Dean, bjones@dcccd.edu 972-238-6215.