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Have Fun with the Aero Feature in Windows 7

Using an Aero desktop theme will enhance your windows with a translucent glass design, subtle window animations and new window colors. To set your computer to use an Aero theme, right click a blank area of your desktop and left click Personalization near the bottom of the shortcut menu.

Select one of the seven Aero themes listed under “Change the visuals and sounds on your computer.”

Changing to an Aero theme will provide other options unique to the Areo theme. One of these options is a cool feature called Areo 3D Flip–a window switching mechanism which cascades windows with a 3D effect.

To use Areo 3D Flip, hold down the Windows logo key (between CTRL and ALT on a standard keyboard) and press the Tab key. Continue holding the Windows logo key and press Tab to cycle through the open windows. If you wish to display the window at the top of the 3D stack on your screen, simply release the Windows logo key.

It’s an easy, fun feature to use, and you just might impress your colleagues, friends, and family members with your Windows 7 knowledge!


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