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Do Your Administrative Professional Skills/Talents REALLY Measure Up to What Today’s Employers Want?

04-13-2015 Talent 188065235Talents, skills, talents, skills—these words are thrown around a lot today by employers and job seekers alike. And yet, what do these words really mean to people who want to get or upgrade their job marketability so they can be as attractive as possible to potential employers? What can you do to maximize your administrative skills/talents so that your earning potential is increased?

If anyone out there thought that careers in the administrative professional area were disappearing or boring, they need to read the latest reports to see how admin careers and roles are expanding and changing.

According to the 2015 salary guide for administrative professionals that was prepared by the Robert Half Company, 1.5 million new administrative professional jobs will be added between 2012 and 2022. Today’s administrative professionals will share a bigger role in company communications with customers and customer relations, and their salaries will be increasing.

Question: What does the changing role of administrative professionals mean if you are interested in the administrative professional field?

  • Answer: It means you need to have top-flight written and verbal communication skills—if you are bilingual, that could be a big plus.
  • It means you need to demonstrate to employers that you are flexible and willing to learn new tasks. Your related work experience is also a valued commodity.
  • It means you need to display professional behavior and keep abreast of trends by joining at least one professional organization.
  • It means you need to learn all you can about social media tools and how to use these tools in business settings. Some of the most widely used SM tools that are used by companies today include LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. It means you will need to show potential employers that you have excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • It means your technical skills need to be proficient, and in some cases advanced, in software applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook. You can prove your software proficiency to employers by passing one or more of the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams. These exams are available in Word (Core and Expert), Excel (Core and Expert), PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

04-13-2015 Career Ladder 81387343Question: What are some of the job titles for administrative professionals?

  • Answer: There are a large number of job titles in the administrative professional area; and while some of the traditional titles include Executive Assistant, Senior Office/Facilities Manager, Receptionist, there are new titles coming on the scene. These new job titles have been created by some companies to reflect the new duties many find admin personnel find themselves performing. According to Robert Hosking, who writes a blog for administrative professionals and employers, these new titles include Chief Executive Administrator, Administrative Services Manager, Director of Administration, and Administrative Chief of Staff.

Question: What are some salary ranges for administrative professionals and related jobs?

  • Answer: The table below, which was taken from data reported in the Robert Half Company survey, Administrative Hiring Trends Salary Guide 2015 reflects a “snapshot” for just a few of the titles reported and the salary gains from 2014 to 2015. For a more complete look at administrative salaries, click this link to visit the Robert Half Company web site and download the PDF 2015 salary guide (begins on page 10) for Administrative Professionals.

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