Outlook 2010 Calendar

In Outlook 2010, along with the new email features, so many other things in the Outlook Calendar have been added and updated. Let’s look at some of those.

Do you want your calendar shared with a team member but do not need to give that person full access? One new update to Outlook 2010 that I will really use is the ability to email a calendar snapshot.  You can edit the snapshot before sending to change the font or bold a certain appointment.  The snapshot will appear in the body of the email.

To send a calendar snapshot via email, just go to the Home tab and click on “E-mail Calendar”.  Choose the calendar you would like to send, the date range and time period to show, and click OK.  There are other options that you can choose, too, such as the detail level on appointments that you would like the recipient to see.

Another amazing feature is the ability to drag a document onto your calendar so that it will be readily available when you need it for an appointment. If you would like to attach a Word file that you are working on to an appointment, open up your Outlook calendar to the date where you want the file to go, right-click on the Word icon on the taskbar and drag the file onto the calendar page to the time of the appointment.

If you already have an appointment setup in Outlook, you can open that Appointment and drag the file there, as well.  If you do not have an appointment setup already, then it will open up a new appointment window and add the document as an attachment.

Enjoy these tips and tricks for the Outlook 2010 calendar!


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